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September 2015
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Eric [userpic]

Between my predictions coming true, of the latest President being the US version of Tony Blair and the 'let them eat cake' arrogant hate speech on display in examples such as this, I'm thinking that an awful lot of people are starting to have voters' remorse, right now!

Approval ratings have dipped below those of Bush after 2000. I'm predicting a Republican retake of Congress during the next voting round.

They do, however, need a leadership figure before they can capitalise on the increasing dissatisfaction with the present administration or their gains won't be nearly as impressive.

In other news, I forgot to update that I passed that CCTV exam thing. Strangely, ever since that time, I haven't found any actual local job vacancies for such a role!

There is a possibility that I might visit Las Vegas, some time this year, with my mother, but that's very much up in the air, at this particular time.


Muchly bored, on account of having nobody to write fiction with!

Present Emotional Phase: curiouscurious

We should write! :) I miss you a great deal you know :(

We totally should - never see you on, however! :)

On aim? or yahoo? Am on gmail chat now!