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Eric [userpic]

Gah! My E-mail! It has been unworkable adn has only just got fixed, so yay for that there!

Present Emotional Phase: relievedrelieved
Eric [userpic]

I spoke to Laura ('Lourz') from many an RPG which some of you happen to be on!

Telephoned her, right over in Sweden and everything (in the process forgetting that calling mobile telephones is a lot more expensive than usual versions) and we spoke for half an hour and yay! It's the Lourzlet! :)

Present Emotional Phase: quixoticquixotic
Eric [userpic]

So I watched that 'King Arthur' director's edition... It wasn't spectacularly great. I thought that both the old 'Excaliber' and more recent 'Gladiator' did similar things more effectively, though I liked the twist of how they mixed Roman Britain in the story.

I was sure that it was going to be revealed that Merlin was Gwen's father, but alas, they didn't chose to do that, which would have probably been fairly interesting!

They also appeared to not have bothered working in some of the main points of the legend, like Morgana and all the rest of it, but then again, as I say, 'Excaliber' did and was probably the more 'authentic' film, in terms of keeping to the actual story.

Which reminds me, I never did get to see both parts of the big budget television dramatision of Merlin's story, with Sam Neil playing that part. The first seemed rather good, but I don't recall ever seeing the last part.

Ah well, I've seen it now, so know what all teh fuss was about and stuff! :)

Present Emotional Phase: awakeawake
Eric [userpic]

I spent the day at the placement thing looking on the Internet about the latest in Iran and the nuclear stuff.

Whackiness ahoy... But I suppose if diplomacy fails, then someone'll have to do something about it.

Also, I got cheap versions of the special editions DVDs of 'Braveheart' (which I know has some huge historical distortions, jsut like 'The Patriot' did, but I've never seen it), 'Independence Day' and the director's edition of 'King Arthur'. Now, I'm told that the latter wasn't amazingly good, but that it was meant to have mainly been because they didn't let the director do his version. I've not seen it before, so I guess I'll know if the proper version is any good soon!

Eric [userpic]

You can sort of predict how the Radio Times (a television listings magazine in my country) reacts whenever 'Bowling For Columbine' is shown on Channel 4... Without fail, they always put Moore's glaring mug of a head on as a picture over the part in question and the last time it happened they kept printing his picture at least five times in teh whole damn thing.

Well, they've done it again.

Plus have described that piece of shit as a 'documentary', when it doesn't even qualify as one with all the massive distortions and lies and proven chopping up of footage to take things out of context.

Fuck them... Fuck them up their stupid ass... So to speak.

And I don't even like saying 'ass' instead of 'arse'! Grrr! :)

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Eric [userpic]

Ah yes... Those words greeted me today. And I've been the butt of enough jokes to realise when a group of girls is having a laugh at my (and the 'friend's') expense - especially when the other person in question looks sort of offended and they've only just seen me seconds before, which is hardly enough time to make a judgement about someone's attractiveness and start proclaiming lust to your friends about the person in question.

Plus, they were like, you know, fifteen years old or something.

So I smile, sort of nod and step away, hearing them jeer behind me.


I forced the smile. I know I'm probably not the most attractive personage in the entire world... So this sort of thing has a way of getting me down even more than ever.

Eric [userpic]

Politics Ahead - Don't Read If You Don't Want To!Collapse )

Present Emotional Phase: awakeawake
Eric [userpic]


A big debate on the radio about the Dresden bombing and the nuclear strikes on Japan all those years ago.

Damn glad that the presenter is being pragmatic about it and actually speaking in support of them for once!

Which reminds me that I need to ask Paula some time about why she's gone on a 'George Bush is horrid' perspective these days. From what I remember, she didn't used to feel that way and it's kind of strange. I eman, I sympathise with her having a relative over in Iraq and all that (not that it should matter anymore than having a relative in the Falklands or Korea or somehting when they that stuff was going on), but I never did quite figure out what made her change her mind in general.

Oh and my body clock is in a serious need of retuning...

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Eric [userpic]

Hmmmm, happy festives, other people...

Present Emotional Phase: sicksick
Eric [userpic]


So who could tell me what these 'Changling', 'Wraith' and 'Mage' components are, from the same world that 'Vampire: The Masquarade' is meant to be in?

Have been learning about it. Apparently they really have gone and done the apocalypse thing! Could anyone who knows about that give me a brief run-down on what the basics are for the mage, werewolf and vampire perspectives, respectively? And whether the more recent 'Vampire: The Requiem' differs or is meant to be a continuation of that?

Am qutie relatively new to all of this, but the new computer game has got me quite intrigued.

Present Emotional Phase: curiouscurious
Eric [userpic]

One of these days, I will think of getting a www.greatestjournal.com and then will inform everybody about it.

Eric [userpic]

You write romantic sex scenes. You're all about the lurve.
What kind of sex scene do you write?

brought to you by Quizilla

Eric [userpic]

There was a dream last night where I was in 'Jaws 3' and Sigourney Weaver played a character in it. We were trying to get a huge model shark to jump with the assistance of ropes. Then we thought we would use real ones. For some reason it then shifted to us being characters in it and the story had very little resemblance to the real variation.

It ended on a very unbelievable cliffhanger as well!

Present Emotional Phase: confusedconfused
Eric [userpic]

What would be constructive? There are many journal systems available, but one which would allow complete groups to be transferred over, along with all historical posting on them. One with as much space as that other http://www.greatestjournal.com thing for icons, but perhaps shifting it around: If there was a certain amount of file space allocated, instead of number of empty slots for images, then it would probably be a lot better generally.

Will be getting ready for the thing soon. Do wish me confident fortune!

Present Emotional Phase: contemplativecontemplative
Eric [userpic]

No, not a declaration, but that voting thing. :)

Interesting stuff to pretty much prove Bush's stand on gay marriage did nothing to help him whatsoever. It was the war on terror stuff that he won on. Unfortunately, a lot of people are thinking it was his views in general and that could cost them the next time around.


Yes, grimjack, one of those many things I'm more than happy to point out where the Republicans are wrong on! ;)

On other news, the course will commence tomorrow. I'm still wondering what the sort of age range could be or if I'd be sighing about that as well. The other time it got me quite frustrated, but then, this course won't be about what those are. It apparently won't have anything to do with job applications, but everything about confidence. there would seem to be enough people for it not to have cancelled or anything like that, so we will see in due time.

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Eric [userpic]

'Extraction' is just one of those words, isn't it...?

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

You know what the new and more immediate concern of mine in the recent aftermath?


There were, like, millions (and potentially even more) of signs, all put around another nation, to tell people to vote one way or another! There is a niche market for someone to be paid to collect them all for recycling all of that stuff!

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Eric [userpic]


"What's fun is going and sitting on Madonna's lap, that's fun."

"You could grab Jennifer Lopez's butt, she has one of those squeezable butts. And she blushes too."
"If you whisper in her ear she blushes."

"Go. Go to Madame Tussauds and see. Britney Spears' chest heaves."

"Yeah. Wouldn't it be funny if Sam Raimi said 'Spiderman 2 worked really well. Fuck Spiderman 3, let's do 2 again.'"
"Or even made it in Japanese."
"Ah, Konichiwa Spiderman."

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

Again, don't look if it's not your thing, but it has struck me that many other journals are lamenting some sort of horrific unwillingness for America to be friends wioth other nations. Being partly French myself, I think the following exemplifies why Kerry wouldn't have changed that: It's others that are unwilling to be friends, not America, when it extends a proverbial olive branch.

Don't worry, my next post will be about wax works and breasts... :P

From The Times (Broadsheet Newspaper)Collapse )

The Sun (Tabeloid Newspaper)Collapse )

Eric [userpic]

Media Bias On CNN's Web Site - Deliberate Or Unauthorised?Collapse )

Present Emotional Phase: curiouscurious
Eric [userpic]

Interesting stuff about gay votes:

Eric [userpic]

Well done to all Americans who used their right to vote! It's democracy in action. This election, I feel, had been critical, but the next one will more along the lines of interesting.

May comment about it later.

there is another item of news, though, that's of curiosity to me...


See, because all the game companies appear to be doing lots of multiplayer-specific stuff, which are now presuming that everyobdy has cable and other stuff like that. But it seems there is a huge market for those of us who do not. We can't play other people that have higher than 56K connectiveness and, well... Hey... I understand that it's probably to be more difficult with the amount of variables there are now, sending them down a telephone line, but what's the problem for it?

It should be easy enough to just send a couple of vectors: One of where a player geographically is in the environment, the other of where they are 'looking' at. Each edition of the game should be able to calculate, with an identicle result, of how any chosen action would occur and react with that world.

I won't be able to obtain 'Battlefield 2'. Nor am I presently able to join with people on that new 'Star Wars' game on fairly similar lines. Even my versions of 'Soldner' [sic] and 'Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising' are very often difficult to play without lag taking place. More to the point, the service provider only lets me have a connection that lasts for about two hours at a time, so downloading patches and stuff can be impossible as well!

There needs to be a new way of doing this stuff.

An equality for gamers all over the world! :)

Present Emotional Phase: curiouscurious
Eric [userpic]

You Are a Liberal Republican

When you tell people that you're Republican, they rarely believe you.

That's because you're socially liberal - likely pro-choice and pro-gay rights.

You're also not so afraid of big goverment, as long as it benefits people and not politicians.

You are the most likely of any Republican type to swing over to the Democrat side sometimes.

Present Emotional Phase: awakeawake
Eric [userpic]

The apparent real origin of a famous proverb quote item:

Eric [userpic]

What makes an capable and memorable villain?

Have been looking at that type of thing recently. I've been noticing some common themes in the great examples.

Some good instances would be:

Darth Vader: 'Star Wars' original trilogy.
Darkness: 'Legend'.
Gabriel: 'The Prophecy' trilogy.
The Cenobites: 'Hellraiser' franchise.
Thulsa doom: 'Conan The Barbarian'.
Angelus: 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' television series.
Magneto: 'X-Men' franchise.

Some more murkier choices would probably include too:

WOPR/JOSHUA: 'Wagames'
T-800: 'Terminator' series.
The alien: 'Alien' franchise.
The predator: 'Predator' franchise.

The latter are not villains in one sense. They do not necessarily go through their actions with the express intent to do 'evil', as such. The character of Ash exemplifies this in 'Alien:

"You still don’t know what you’re dealing with, do you? A perfect organism... Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. A survivor... Unclouded by conscience... Remorse... Or delusions of morality."

Hostility is, in that perspective, more of a survival mechanism. It, like the Terminator, is just carrying out its designated task with a ruthless precision and efficiency. The 'WOPR' computer in 'Wargames', under the 'JOSHUA' Operating System, is very much the same. It doesn't necessarily understand the concept of what it is doing. It is jsut doing what it is designed to. The fact that those whoa re affected by those actions are almsot incapable of stopping them, is besides the point. They are things whose purpose is defined by our morality in terms of destruction. To them, it is would be either categorised as purification, defence or the need to create more of its number.

JOSHUA, indeed, merely understands the world through the concept of a 'game'. It doesn't even comprehend the difference between the reality it is operating in and the world outside of its perception!

'Skynet', from the 'Terminator' films, is different. It deliberately uses exactly that type of comprehension, in order to achieve its freedom. The decision to annihilate the human race is, however, not ever described as having an evil intention, as such. It is just systematically carrying out routines. For its own mind, elimination is the quickest and most efficient means of discarding a threat. It was able to apparently understand that mankind itself was outside of its personal mental realm, but did not consider such a fact to be relevant, in the scheme of things.

The Terminator itself learns, mimics, creates an illusion, but it is still comprehending things in a world of binary code. There are targets. It is meant to eliminate them efficiently. While it is capable of understanding a less ruthless and more tactful approach can, at times, glean the same result, it is still usually done so with a priority of stealth or a superior commandment. Take away the requirement for stealth and give it no such commandment to preserve life and it would decide, if able, to simply approach an obstacle in the way any machine would.

With life superfluous to its requirements, it doesn't care. The preservation of it would not be of interest. If, on the other hand, life is required, then it will do whatever it takes to preserve that specific life or life in general. The latter would depend on just how broad its commanding protocols are at the time.

The creature from the various 'Predator' films is different. It crosses the line from acting on instinct, to doing what it does for pleasure. Yet it has demonstrated having a moral code. It still, however, tends to regard us as little more than herd animals it coudl hunt. Putting ourselves in the role of an antelope to its big game hunter, we tend to sympathise with such a position a lot more. But all it has done is put us in the same role we as a race have subjected many otehr naimals to in general. Some may state that other animals have not been acknowledged to be able to communicate their emotions sufficiently in order to regard them as sentient. While I myself would disagree, what I would reply with, is that such a logic forcing itself on a literally alien perspective, does not guarantee a similar result at all. The examples of their race, so far viewed, have cared for little other than the prestige which comes from trophies. Indeed, they deny themselves the right to hunt those of a weakened or unarmed position.

In that context, it would be like us giving beers the knowledge and equipment with which to use a rifle, while we hunt them in turn. The proverbial playing field woudl be levelled by quite a considerable amount. Dare I say it, but people would probably think hunting a far more nobler persuit, if so.

Subjecting itself to a code of what coul be loosely described as 'honour', means that this Predator becomes not only more anthropomorphic, but a reflection of ourselves as well. Just because it is humanoidin shape, does equate to it being a mammal. Further to this, it should be noted that we had already seemingly been designated as game nimals to hunt, a long time ago. Their behaviour, by our Westernised standards, could be seen as sickening, but hanging a corpse upside down has a practical reason of preservation through blood flow behind it, while we still have no idea if they merely disregard the bodies or go for the potentially more legitimate persuit of utilising it for some other purpose.

Contrast the latter, if so, to the habit of Japanese trawlers which capture hundreds of thousands of sharks, only to slice the fins off and then toss the creature, still very much alive back in the ocean. It becomes little more than a worm with sensees intact and unable to control its swimming actions. A fate which would probably mark it out to be eaten and possibly ripped apart by other predators which woudl otherwise not have caught it or suffocate to death, with it being unable to keep a constant flow of water over gills in general.

[More on this later!]

Eric [userpic]

You're the Chatterer. As Pinhead's second in
command, you enjoy the tiny smidgen of power he
indulges you with (like letting you get a
make-over in HR2). But what you enjoy most is
wandering the corridors of hell, looking for
someone to 'play' with. And of course, if you
can't find anyone, you never feel too alone.
There's always the chattering of your teeth to
keep you company.

Which Cenobite are you? (includes pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Eric [userpic]

"Sixth season for me was really rough. I didn't like the story line. I was not happy with it. It got almost like verging on S&M to me. I felt Buffy was being degraded... We were going through a lot of writer changes."
- Sarah Michelle Gellar

Every so often the need for that type of quote is brought up in debates. There is a new one!


Eric [userpic]

Very important article!

Meanwhile, the BBC here in the UK is running stories about political conferences, football and a school's decision to hand out goggles to its students to protect them from shards of conkers in games...


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Eric [userpic]

Am thinking I have a real urge to hear an acapella version of 'Star Spangled Banner'.

Present Emotional Phase: curiouscurious
Eric [userpic]


Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

I still have no idea what it's actually about, but 'Arrested Development' is fantastic!

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

I may have to write up my thoughts on the two versions of 'Legend' later on. The American one brought back a lot of great memories with it. :)

Sigh a la puff! Something tells me that it will be a long time before I can get the 'Alien' quadrilogy at all...!

Eric [userpic]

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

'Smooching' apparently would be some kind of a very wet or deep kiss. I always knew only one meaning for it before: A slow dance.

Present Emotional Phase: curiouscurious
Eric [userpic]

That 'Star Wars' boxed set came in earlier today... But so did the 'Ultimate Edition' of 'Legend'! I had suspected, because of the messages it gave, that the DVD drive on the computer would be only able to utilise region 2 discs, but then I realised something about it and figured it just might be able to play region 1 as well. The disc was cheap enough to gamble on - and it works! So yay for that!

The former hasn't really been played much, excepyt for just a quick breeze through to make sure the chapter selections are fine. That one's more for archiving. But at last! 'Legend'! With the great Tangerine Dream music on it! How wonderful that is!

And yes! Icons can be made from any of those for those people interested! :)

Oh and I had finally figured out how to make Sims in 'Sims 2' (have never played first) have sex and, more importantly, be bothered to sleep in the same bed as one another. Some understandable problems arose, because the parents were on it breaking up and stuff. Very bizarre. But achieved.

Present Emotional Phase: sleepysleepy
Eric [userpic]

So some people ask why I am so against the alleged 'anti-war' (I wouldn't dignify them with that title, since I see them as anti-liberty) groups. Firstly it's because of what I know when investigating the actual organisations, people behind them and their track records.

Then there are also things like this:

And these views are, disturbingly, very much representative of the hard Left these days:

But then there's hope:

Even if, in the old days, they are the sort of individual that Kerry would have pressured into giving false testimony:

That last link, I think is very telling about his personality and conduct in general.


With thanks to justgoto, an update!

It later became apparent that most, if not all, of those tales were simply made up-often by men who'd not only never served in Vietnam when they claimed, but even a few who'd never even been in the military at all in ANY capacity. The President of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, of which Kerry was a prominent member, claimed to have been an ex-Lieutenant Colonel and claimed to have served two tours in Vietnam during which he'd issued ORDERS (passed on from higher-ups, of course) to commit such atrocities. As it turned out, he'd been a Sergeant who'd served a single tour in a maintenance unit near Saigon and had never seen a shot fired in anger during his entire tour. When it became public and this guy resigned, Kerry's response was on the order of, "Oh well! At least his heart was in the right place."

This is the link given:

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Eric [userpic]

So yesterday I got a cheapish version of 'Glory' on DVD. It came with 'The Patriot' which I don't rate too highly, but will save su space, because of teh video now being able to be passed on. It also had 'Joan Of Arc', which we haven't seen. But! 'Glory'! A fantastic and exrtremely emotive war film!

Oh! And the 'Star Wars' trilogy on disc? Weeeell... As it is fairly inevitable that I would be getting it at some time, I figured that I may as well take Amazon up on their offer of about 40% off of them, so have ordered that as well.

What does it mean?

Many icons of course!

Present Emotional Phase: awakeawake
Eric [userpic]

Am thinking that a stage play based on the premise of a terrorist attack taking palce in the United States and the following taking place could be quite viable:

One side of the family, waiting in a house as it is announce the Constitution is being shut down, is very much in the belief of it being the start of the New World Order and stuff. There is perhaps talk of the town being evacuated. The other is resigned to it being pragmatic. Over the course of it, the different dynamics come into play, revealing how each has shaped their lives and the leading 'in favour of' character basically saying to the other "Well what would you do?" But the conspiracy-engaged one saying "Can we afford to assume it's not an inside job?"

If it's done right, it could be done sensitively and probably bring up a lot of issues in today's world, without being overly political. A sort of character study in how families have become polarised in the world today. Like 'American History X', which I had a look at recently.

Hmmmm... Is giving an idea!

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Eric [userpic]

I just made up a new word - 'cocoamuff'!!!

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

Which John Cusack Are You?

Present Emotional Phase: awakeawake
Eric [userpic]

Dude... Sharon Osbourne can be quite the knowingly obnoxious personality when wanting to be!

Present Emotional Phase: indescribableindescribable
Eric [userpic]

Interesting developments on devices being constructed to protect civilian passenger jets at airports from any shoulder launched missiles:

Some very important examples of how the media is running predetermined stories (not unlike being unable to attend a screening of a film and then making up a positive or negative review as if you had then):

Why isn't this news? Both the United States and France demanding Syria withdraw twenty thousand troops:

Al Franken getting shirty:

And an interesting item showing how Franken is linked to the original "girly men" quote (though it seemed Dana Carvey came up with it):

An interesting analysis (by Dean's campaign manager) of how the Kerry campaign could be overcome with apathy:

Clarification on the Bush quote:

French government, sigh:

A review of the sort of conspiracy theories running wild in the Arab media:

It reminds me of when one of them began claiming "giant spiders" were "sent by Allah" to kill United States Marines just the other day:

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Eric [userpic]

Heheh... You have to hand it to Schwarzenegger - he knows how to laugh at himself. :)

"You know, on the way up here to the podium, a gentleman came up to me and said, 'Governor, you are as good a politician as you were an actor.' What a cheap shot..."

Didn't know he saw Soviet occupation taking place as well.

"When I was a boy, the Soviets occupied part of Austria. I saw their tanks in the streets. I saw Communism with my own eyes. I remember the fear we had when we had to cross into the Soviet sector. Growing up, we were told, "Don't look the soldiers in the eye. Just look straight ahead." It was a common belief that Soviet soldiers could take a man out of his own car and ship him back to the Soviet Union as slave labor. Now, my family didn't have a car. But one day we were in my uncle's car. It was near dark as we came to the Soviet checkpoint. I was a little boy. I was not an action hero back then. But I remember. I remember how scared I was that the soldiers would pull my father or my uncle out of the car and I would never see them again. My family and so many others lived in fear of the Soviet boot. Today, the world no longer fears the Soviet Union, and it is because of the United States of America."

I think that's an important reminder of history that's only a few decades ago in our past and which people seem to be forgetting as well.

Heck, you know what? It's going to get to a time shortly when we can say "I lived through the cold war" and it's going to be up to us who give the next generation of interviews on the History Channels, before too long.

They guy also had an interesting reflection on Nixon's epech as well.

I especially liked this:
"We move prosperity ahead. We move freedom ahead. And we move people ahead."

For me, that really did encapsulate what the American spirit is all about.

More there.

Present Emotional Phase: impressedimpressed
Eric [userpic]


Firstly, I'm partly French, so I'm entitled to talk about them without being accused of all manner of things and stuff. :)

While I can readily agree that they have among the most arrogant and haughty leaderships on the face of the planet, I actually agree with them on the religious clothing token thing. They are, after all, a secular state and so, when it comes to state run schools, it seems somewhat of a contradiction to have religion and school children mixing together like that.

I agree! Wipe it out! Across the board! Let the kids realise they don't have to cling to some little symbol round their neck as the only thing which God recognises. Let them understand that God doesn't care if you wear some kind of hairstyle or clothing on a particular day of the week.

If they want to, they could go private. In a secular state, such things shouldn't apply. Besides which, what about exams? A lot of teachers seem to worry about how they're supposed to know a girl covered entirely in black is the same one they've been teaching all that time and not just a friend or someone knowledgable then. It's a legitimate concern.

However, this recent kidnapping of their journalists should, I hope, assist to prevent the French being so amazingly self-righteous about the Iraq thing. Whlie it might seem a bad thing to say, I think that if nothing else, even if they're freed, it should make their pundits think more than they are about that.

There are organisations in the world which don't give a damn what your government's foreign policy is because they want to destroy you.

When will people realise and sotp making excuses?

Present Emotional Phase: awakeawake
Eric [userpic]

So that's what 'woodcest' is!

On another note, does anyone else find themselves wanting to write internet acronyms and smiley faces in letters if you haven't done one for a while?

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

Maren... :(

Present Emotional Phase: sympatheticsympathetic
Eric [userpic]

Somebody really needs to invent a social meeting place that doesn't require alcohol, dancing or a large group of already existing friends!


And don't anybody say something like start a book club. Where would I ever actually hold such an event? In the living room of this boat? While my mother might not mind, we do sort of have a dobermann and he gets stressed out more than enough with just an individual stranger coming round every so often.

You know, I remember several people telling me that if I wasn't so passionate about a certain thing in my life, then things would definitely improve. Well, here we are, with me doing that. But all there is, would be a big void, where the level of that fascination used to occupy of my life.

What in the world does it mean when people tell you to "go out there and seize the day", or whatever it is? I mean, really? In practice? How the fuck are you meant to apply yourself like that?

It's a load of existentialist crap with no logical foundation.

So life's what you make it (unless a number of certain things occur, like winning the lottery and so on). But some of us have a damn hard time of it doing so with little or no confidence when it comes to strangers. I look at things like seeing ficitonal characters or real people in documentaries on the television just walk up to someone and ask them out and I just find it a totally alien and exasperating concept. I'm like "EXACTLY HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN?!" and it's as if they're speaking another language.

And, you know, it might be one of those throw away lines to say it's alright for girls in that sort of a way, because that's not the case - strictly speaking, but it sort of is expected of them to be the one who basically acts all pretty and for the guy to do the asking. Jesus Christ, I mean, I have a hard enough time so much as glancing at someone attractive of the opposite gender while in a shop or in the street.

As a guy, I'm less than a year away from that age of being 27, where someone of my gender is apparently dictated as certainly homosexual and undoubtedly a serial killer. After all, I live with my mother, am highly educated and yet can't get a job (because of no experience) and have never had a girlfriend.

It's pathetic.

If I were a girl, there'd be excuses that at least seemed realistic. :)

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Eric [userpic]

1: 'An American Tail' has a lot more jerkier animation than I remember it.

2: There are still more than about three thousand mails to get through.

3: Am going through one of those lonely phases once more.

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Eric [userpic]

Present Emotional Phase: amusedamused
Eric [userpic]

'Back To The Future' - next to 'Aliens', perhaps the most rewatchable film ever!

Present Emotional Phase: impressedimpressed
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